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Know new main features added to Android 12L by Google

Know new main features added to Android 12L by Google

Google will soon be launching 12L, a new software update to improve the Android experience on large screens for multitasking, support, compatibility, and better-looking apps. At the Android Dev Summit, Google declared the soon-to-drop Android 12L after first hinting at a potential Android update in September 2021. According to Android Development Company Regina, it will be compatible with smartphones and other devices with a screen resolution above 600 dpi, and Google plans to release it in early 2022.

Large screen optimization

Google improved the User Interface to give large-screen devices a more attractive appearance and better ease of use across notifications, quick settings, the lock screen, the home screen, overview, and many more. 

On large screens, the notification shade takes advantage of the space. It will display Quick Settings and Notifications in a new two-column layout. The lock screen and PIN controls on tablets will be displayed at the side of the screen. For foldable devices, Google is aiming at improving the fold-unfold transition. It supports users to use a folded screen to the larger, unfolded screen.

Enhanced Multitasking

Users often multitask using the large screen of Chromebooks, tablets, and foldable screens. 12L adds a new taskbar to make it easier to launch and switch apps on the fly. Users can hide and reveal the taskbar at a time with a long press.

Improved media projection for developers

There are still instances where rendered images do not fit properly on a larger screen. The new scaling approach will improve screen-casting on televisions and other large-display gadgets by maximizing the size of the surface image by ensuring the proper aspect ratio.

Improved Compatibility Mode

If your Android app is not yet optimized to adapt to screen size and device posture changes, you may test it with 12 Compatibility modes to provide a better user experience to your clients.

Lock Screen Clock

When you power up a phone running Android 12L, a large digital clock will appear in the center of the screen.

PIN code Keys 

When you swipe to unlock the phone, you will see a new design for the PIN code keypad with large and round buttons in pastel shades.


The style of the notification window has changed, and they are automatically grouped per app or separated if they are not chatty.

Enhanced screenshots

You can capture more by scroll capture in Android 12L while taking screenshots if the page is longer. You may easily dismiss screenshot thumbnails by swiping them off the screen. 

Privacy dashboard

The Privacy Dashboard is a new feature to see what apps have accessed certain permissions, whether a camera and mic or location. Android 12L provides quick on/off toggles in the quick shade menu to disable the mic, camera, and location so that nothing can access them.

Theming and customization

Theming is a new feature of Android 12L that supports you in choosing your preferred color for wallpaper, determining the background colors of the entire phone.

A new calculator, picture-in-picture control, dedicated gaming mode, one-handed mode, etc., will be some of the other features of Android 12L.

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