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This approach enables us to rise above the normal, the regular and the common, and infuses life into our every solution. LEARN MORE ABOUT
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This approach enables us to rise above the normal, the regular and the common, and infuses life into our every solution. LEARN MORE ABOUT
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This approach enables us to rise above the normal, the regular and the common, and infuses life into our every solution. LEARN MORE ABOUT

Company Information

MS Comp Services Inc is a millennium generation custom software development company in Regina that has mastered the nuances of the business world and a company that understands every hue of customer requirements


Mobile App Development

MS Comp Services Inc, a full-service mobile app development company in Regina, has the best mobile app developers who have been creating innovative iOS apps, Android apps, Tablet apps, and iPad apps at competitive rates. We have been developing fantastic mobile apps for our clients for many years at competitive rates by implementing our creativity and the latest technology. We design and build a user-friendly mobile application for you to access your business instantly.


Digital Marketing

MS Comp Services Inc provides progressive digital marketing services to achieve your marketing goals and brand awareness through up-to-date Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Emails, Content, and Mobile phones. We can promote your websites in the searches that are conducted using your business keywords. We can set up promotional campaigns for search engines and social media sites like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We can manage your social media accounts reliably.


Web Designing and Development

MS Comp Services Inc is a top web design and development company for designing and coding elegant websites and applications with responsive webpages that load fast, interact speedily, and display information quickly. We code web templates using the latest versions of mobile responsive computer languages and various Content Management Systems. We can customize the code for you whenever you need to make changes according to your suggested conditions.


Custom Software Development

MS Comp Services Inc has a specialty in custom software development to meet your demands and work on your needs logically to achieve your business goals fast. We provide a maintenance service for its better functionality. Our software development team will sit with you, note down your requirements, and work on them creatively. We will try our best to finalize your project and deliver it on time to you. We provide 24 hour support to keep it maintained and working well without any errors.

Industries We Served

MS Comp Services Inc provides IT services to businesses in all industries, like technology, transportation, automobiles, education and training, healthcare, entertainment, information, sports, science, health, agriculture, chemicals, food and drink, hospitality, construction, commerce, catering, electrical, electronics, mechanical engineering, media, culture, oil & gas production, telecommunication, textile, garment production, footwear, logistics, car rentals, e-commerce, gems and jewelry, infrastructure, insurance, and real estate.

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  • Healthcare

    MS Comp Services Inc. offers stunning websites, mobile apps, and software applications for medical service providers, manufacturers of medical equipment or drugs, and medical insurance agencies at nominal rates. We have created numerous websites for doctors, hair transplant surgeons, clinics, hospitals, and medicine producers. We support the healthcare industry through our digital marketing services. We support telemedicine physicians with stunning mobile apps, websites, and custom software.

  • Financial

    MS Comp Services Inc. provides websites, software, and mobile application design and development services to banks, lenders, finance businesses, real estate brokers, real estate companies, and insurance firms at nominal rates. Our Web Developers build high-quality software applications to meet their requirements through reliable functionalities and payment gateways to ensure safe transactions instantly in a highly secure environment. We have been developing custom software apps for them with maintenance support.

  • Hospitality and Travel

    MS Comp Services Inc. supports hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, resorts, cruise lines, amusement parks, clubs, airlines, travel agencies, tour guides, event planning, lodging, food and drink services, transporters, and car rentals by providing them with attractive websites, mobile apps, and software applications at the best prices. We promote their businesses through digital marketing to stay ahead of the curve. We have been developing new websites and redesigning existing ones for better performance.

  • Education

    MS Comp Services Inc. has been developing static and dynamic websites and mobile apps for universities, colleges, schools, book stores, public, non-profit, and private institutions, community colleges, and ministries for many years. We develop custom software applications for registration, scholarships, and results for them. We can promote their businesses through search engines and social media. We provide maintenance services for running their software, mobile apps, and websites smoothly over the Internet.

  • Retail

    MS Comp Services Inc. helps retail service providers by creating stunning websites, e-commerce, and mobile apps for them at affordable rates. We have developed many websites for them that are doing well. We have a large clientele of convenience stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, auto parts retailers, medical stores, and department stores. We develop mobile apps for them to sell their items and get paid instantly. We enable their websites to get payments through different kinds of credit cards and ATM cards.

We complete 120+ projects annually

As a service-based IT company, we deliver valuable services and precious products to enhance the value of our customers. MS Comp Services Inc. is a millennium generation custom software development company.






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Nowadays, businesses need specific IT solutions to perform well and stay ahead of the curve. Information Technology solutions empower both public and private corporate sectors through dynamic websites, e-commerce, online payment transfers, customer support, real-time response, payment gateways, web designing, mobile applications, and digital marketing.

MS Comp Services Inc. is a leading IT solution services provider company in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. We provide innovative industry-oriented IT solutions to the corporate and industrial sectors worldwide. We deal in web development, web design, graphic design, video marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. We provide 24-hour support for our clients to take care of their websites, social media accounts and channels, and e-commerce portals. We design attractive, fast to download, and responsive websites and software applications that provide a better user experience by implementing cutting-edge technologies and using advanced tools. Our company is likewise known as an IT solutions services company in Texas. We provide IT services to many businesses in Texas City, Plano, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Laredo, and the rest of the Texas state. We have many clients from numerous continents like Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

MS Comp Services Inc., a certified IT software solution company in Saskatchewan comprised of highly talented and experienced developers, creates software applications from scratch, like web development, backend development, mobile app development, e-commerce development, API development, and education & reference software development. We handle public sector projects, private sector projects, and joint sector projects efficiently. We work on small, medium, and large projects and complete them under our clients’ business and budget requirements. We provide social media support to boost businesses and get traffic to their websites. We develop graphics, animations, and videos to achieve your branding and marketing goals. We support your local advertisement campaigns with creative designs of your products or services at competitive rates. We set paid advertising campaigns on search engines and social media sites by targeting your suggested locations and according to your budget preferences to receive immediate results.


We help transform digital brands by creating exquisite websites and mobile apps. We're a design-first digital agency motivated to provide custom solutions that function flawlessly, elevate each brand's design aesthetic, digital reach, and, in turn, help garner consumer loyalty. Explore our latest completed web design and development projects below. We are passionate about making our clients prosperous through beautiful digital experiences. Good marketing always starts with beautiful websites and mobile applications.

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Staff member

They have met every goal that we have set out for them. The guys suggested new ideas to win over our competitors. They set superb digital strategies to grab our marketing goals fast. They helped us a lot more than we have ever achieved when it comes to branding the company.

Staff member

We have just completed our new websites with MS Comp Services. We are passionate about being live on the Internet. We appreciate their professional and responsive design with an eye-catcihing appeal. We can make changes to it and we have their support when we need it.

Staff member

Thanks to MS Comp Services Inc team for all their meticulous service par excellence for our recent Software Applcation

Amrit Kaur

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